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Past Releases
Minimum System Requirements
TRCS v7.00.0000 Release
TRCS v6.07.0000 Release

1) CURRENT RELEASE – TRCS v7.00.0000

TRCS v7.00.0000 Release provides support for the upgrade of the TraCS application Version 10.04.

TRCS v7.00.0000 is not available on the website to install. It is available on CD format, please contact Operations Support to receive a TRCS v7.00.0000 installation CD.

TRCS v7.00.0000 Release upgrades TraCS to use latest Java version.The latest Java version included fixes for Java vulnerability issues,we highly recommend to install TRCS v7.00.0000. TRCS v7.00.000 installation automatically backup your data files and restore back after the installation. If you wish to backup the data files manually you have the option to do that. We recommend to use automatic backup restore of the data files.

2) PATCH RELEASE – TRCS v6.07.0000

TRCS v6.07.0000 Patch Release provides updates to the Production release of the TraCS Application customized for North Carolina DMV. The Release Notes gives details about the corrections and enhancements to the application.

TRCS v6.07.0000 Patch Release can be obtained by using the TraCS 10 Auto Update functionality. Using the TraCS 10 Auto Update functionality requires that at least TRCS v5.00.0000 be installed on the machine. If you do not have TRCS v5.00.0000, or later, please contact Operations Support for a TRCS v7.00.0000 Installation CD.

TraCS 10 LEA Admin Guide provides installation instructions.


Operations Support

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